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Gmina Bolków
Gmina Bolków

The town of Bolków

Bolków is a picturesque town, which is towered by a huge medieval castle, was used to be one of the biggest strongholds of Świdnica and Jawor dukes. The town is located in place surrounded by Wałbrzych foothills, by Nysa Szalona river. Bolków is an important road junction in both national and international terms, as it is crossed by the route no. 3 Świnoujście - Jakuszyce, road no. 5 Świecie - Lubawka. Lack of industrial activity and the large forest complexes surrounding the town from its all sides poses exceptionally favourable conditions for spending a holiday here.

Main tourist attraction of the town is the Castle of Bolków. Unique in the scale of the country shape of its tower, whose cross section is in a tear shape, is a key fortified element of the stronghold. A view on the town, its vicinity and part of the Sudetes spreads from the huge, circular castle tower, being a perfect vantage point. Owing to its architecture and location, the castle is considered one to be of the most impressive and interesting place of this kind in Poland. Each history and military accessories lover shall be delighted with the unique atmosphere of that place.
Nature lovers have at their disposal “Ryszard’s Hill ” and a complex of ponds “Bronikowo”. The prepared and marked hiking paths make possible getting to places of occurrence of many plant species (trees, bushes, dwarf shrubs and herbal plant) and inanimate nature objects (volcanic rocks).
Regular outdoor events are held in Bolków, which attract fun and history lovers.

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Projekt "Rozwój e-usług w Gminie Bolków" współfinansowany ze środków Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Dolnośląskiego 2014-2020 w ramach Osi Priorytetowej 2 Technologie Informacyjno-komunikacyjne Działanie 2.1 E-usługi publiczne.