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Gmina Bolków
Gmina Bolków

The Commune


The commune of Bolków occupies the area of 153 km2, located at the height of 260 – 550 m above the sea level in the south-western Poland, in Dolnośląskie voivodeship. Chief virtues of commune of Bolków are its favourable geographical location, varied lay of land and a number of tourist and environmental attractions.

Convenient location of the commune of Bolków, by the national roads no. 3 and no. 5, and at the distance of ca. 70 km from Wrocław and ca. 30 from the city of Jelenia Góra makes its road network a well-developed one. The area of the commune is predominately a farmland region, which is conducive for development of agrotourism and creates favourable conditions for active form of relaxation.

The area of the commune encompasses also nature reserves: Różowe Wapienie in Nowe Rochowice and Buki Sudeckie within the limits of Nowe Rochowice and Mysłów. Also large part of it is located within the scope of protection zone of Rudawski Landscape Park and Landscape Park “Chełmy”.
Extensive woodland areas and the mountain character make it an ideal place for both: hiking and cycling. Also lovers of rest at water have at their disposal water ponds in the village of Muchówek.

Numerously occurring historic monuments can make the area of the commune an interesting place especially for tourists who look for aesthetic impressions. Well-preserved objects, especially those of the scared character attract large numbers of tourists. Environmental and landscape values and also unique historic monuments are the trump cards which shall meet expectation of tourists ensuring unique impressions for them.

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Projekt "Rozwój e-usług w Gminie Bolków" współfinansowany ze środków Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Dolnośląskiego 2014-2020 w ramach Osi Priorytetowej 2 Technologie Informacyjno-komunikacyjne Działanie 2.1 E-usługi publiczne.